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Celebrating 16 years in Thailand

Thailand in November was magical.  Steve and I were lucky enough to celebrate 16 years of marriage, union, happiness, tears, learning, growing, evolving, cherishing, nurturing, loving and child raising in Thailand. Feeling beyond blessed to share my life with SUCH a beautiful human in SUCH a beautiful place!!!

we visited Phuket, Phi Phi and Krabi. Everything about that trip was unexpected starting with my bag not arriving with our plane when we landed. My luggage lost somewhere in Shanghai for days left me with literally nothing but the clothes on my back. My suggestion, after learning the hard way, when traveling that far from home, travel with extra clothing and at least one swim suit in your carry on. We were on the move and getting my bags delivered to me was tricky. I had to purchase swimsuits and clothes from street vendors and let's just say the style and sizing in Asia is very different! I couldn't find makeup other than lip gloss so my clothing and pictures most …

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