I turned 35 this weekend and my heart is full with all the love I've received from my family and friends.  There were so many calls, texts, voice mails, posts from near and far.  One thing that I have learned in my 35 years is to cherish your family, and friends. A few other things..... 

I’m getting laugh lines, but all that laughing was totally worth it. I’m planning on making more laugh lines.
I am finally old enough to realize not everyone will like me … and that’s okay.
35 years of breathing is teaching me to be comfortable in my own, imperfectly-beautiful skin.
At 35, I’ve learned to always trust my gut without apology 
At 35, 4 children call me “Mommy” every day. I am so overwhelmingly blessed.
I’m at an age where I understand that true beauty really does come from within…
I now have the courage to use my own voice to stand up for myself or for others … and it’s totally fine if sometimes I have to stand alone.
At 35...The boy bands from the 90’s are making a comeback — and I still remember the dance moves! (as my children shudder…)
Last but not least....
At 35, I'm married to the love of my life and I still think he is sexy!

I made a video of my weekend.... take a peak if you'd like.



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