Better now then never.

     I have always been a career wife and then a mother. This year, I have decided, I have that backwards.  My New Years Resolution was to do more of what makes me feel better.  What makes me feel better is being a mother that is excited and present emotionally when the monkey's (I have 4 of them) get home from school.  Being able to cook a meal I actually thought about and didn't "wing" with the leftovers that were in the refrigerator at the time.  Being the type of wife that thinks first about what would make my husband blush....and then actually doing it!

     I also love to write and haven't even found the time to return emails to loved ones whom have reached out from all over the world!  I am fascinated with health and well being....and this year I am choosing to be fascinated with it enough to do the Yoga I crave, eat the healthy foods I love, and work out with my husband. 

    I also have been wanting to scrapbook my wedding...that was ten years ago, and the 4 children that have come to this earth and have chosen me as their mom.  After 10 years and four kids I have  no scrapbooks, and I feel like a scattered brain work-a-holic!

    So, I am choosing to make a shift.  I know it's February not January but I had work to do! HAHAHAHA!  In this blog I plan to "scrapbook my life" starting now!  I apparently am a terrible scrapbook-er but I am intensely sentimental so I will slowly catch my self up from my wedding on.  I will reminisce the good old days while staying present and grounded in the day I'm in!  I am so excited to gain control of my life!  It took me a bad case of Bronchitis to bring me to my knees and to be still enough in a moment to create this blog! So, namaste to my lungs thank you for being sick!

    This blog will contain yummy healthy recipes and work-out tips as I happen upon them. My favorite quote of the day from one of my they always have something to say that I feel should be written down. I hope inspiration will grace this page every once in a while with thoughts and ideas as I have them.

    If you are reading this....I hope this to not be a waste of your time,  Because love will fill every one of my entries. Amy, my name means "LOVE" and I hope to be able to embody it.

    Cheers to a beautiful 2011!


  1. Well, welcome to the blogging world. It definitely has its pros and cons. I do mine pretty much for the same reason, to "scrapbook" my life. At the end of the year, I get it printed into a book so my kids can look through it and remember our year. I wanted to document our lives and see it in print later. It has been a very worthwhile road. I only get around to it a few times a week, but my boys love it, I love "capturing memories" and it is a great way to stay connected to my family who live far, far away. So... keep it up! Don't worry about what you have missed. Catch up is somewhat meaningless. Focus on today and you will fill the screen! Have fun and good luck!

  2. Good for you Amy! I am right there with you in getting in the drivers seat of my life and doing what makes me feel good to. I volunteer to keep reminding you to do that!! LOL! Please do the same for me. Love you! Kristie

  3. So excited to see you blogging. I love that you are going to be going over the last 10 years since I don't get to see it "first hand". You are a wonderful person with amazing ideas and a beautiful heart. Can't wait to read what you have to say and learn from such an amazing person! I love you girl:)

  4. That was beautiful. You are such a good girl. I love you and hope you feel better soon.

  5. Welcome to bloggin :) Its one of my favorite things and I find it so rewarding, even if its just for me. It makes journaling/scrapbooking more enjoyable and fun!! I look forward to keeping up on you and the boys more often! I miss being apart of your every day life! Can't wait for the coming posts!! I hope you start feeling better and can't wait til you stop by and finally see our place!! And please feel free to stop by mine! I've got cute pics of the boys on it :)

  6. Just bookmarked your life. ;)

  7. So excited to read all about ya! You have such a great family!

  8. Hey Amy! So cute! I saw you on Facebook, so I added you to my blogging buds...hope that is ok. You have the cutest family! I'll love peeking in once in a while.
    My blog is
    Kim Ujifusa

  9. So proud of you! All you have done, all you are doing, all you will do, and everything in between! You are an amazing mother, wife, professional, sister and friend! Love you...

  10. Amy...your family is the cutest!!! I love your blue's and red's in the picture above! I will love reading your fitness tips and your yummy recipe' hurry and find them!!! Love you! Aunt Heidi


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