Crew turns one!

Crew turns one today.  I am sitting in bed watching the snow softly fall out my master bedroom window and I can't help but remember the beautiful day he was born exactly one year ago.  I am in awe at the gratitude I feel for this little soul.  He has blessed our family in ways I can't put to words.  After I had Kellen, Steve said, "OK, hun that's three boys... can we call it good?" I knew in that moment that there was another little soul that would bless our family and I was right.

His name is Crew Richard Hart!
Happy Birthday little buddy we love you very much!

I woke up the morning of February 25th 2010, and Steve rolled over and asked how I was feeling.  I started to cry when he looked at me.  I had endured a quiet night of labor pains that kept me awake all night long. When the light started to chase away the dark of that night, I knew we would be meeting our little baby that day.  My tears were tears of exhaustion and gratitude..... I had made it to delivery date.  He was officially 36 weeks now and they would not stop the labor if I started labor again.  I told Steve that it was time to go to the hospital.  2 hours and 2 pushes later we met our new little baby boy!  It was love at first sight!  Here are pics from day # 1!


  1. Girl you make the most beautiful kids. So glad you knew you were supposed to have another one. What a wonderful feeling! Adorable Crew. Happy Birthday little guy!

  2. Another cute Gap model Happy Birthday Crew!


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