Week One

We needed a week to adjust to the heat and some time to figure out our place here in the jungle. Questions surfaced of schedule or lack there of, and wondering if we really needed a car or if we could walk everywhere. We decided we wanted a car with the 4 kiddo's, and being mobile has been fun. We have visited many "Playa" this week and are amazed at how a few miles can completely change the consistency, color, and feel of a beach.

In Nosara, we are apart of the animal kingdom and if we don't go to bed with the sun and rise with the sun we will be out of sink our entire visit here. We realized quickly we better be pliable and the rest would fall into place.

I'm still realing that we are here. I have so much gratitutde for this type of experience. In the book The Four Hour Work Week There was a sub paragraph -Lifestyle design in action. The authors daughter wanted to be an astronaught and the phrase from Apollo 13 "Failure is not an option" became their motto. He talks of how they designed a plan, and then smaller steps were created to acheive that plan. I must admit that this concept is how we made this crazy journey happen. Steve and I do not have excess money right now and taking a sabbatical like this seemed impossible. Until we broke it down into measurable doable steps this really would have been out of reach for us! I have to say this is the first time in my life I really feel like with a little planning.....anything IS possible for our little family.... as it is for yours.

A few highlights of week one for me, was a guest speaker at the yoga house named Panache. He is a gentle Indian man from India. He had no other agenda or religious views other than to speak of the divinity and light we are all born with. His deep sense of spirit of the "Divine" or God was deeply impactful. Panache also touched on being grateful for this experience called life. In his words, "Enjoy every blade of grass."
That, I can say, we plan to do!!!

We also got to spend lots of quality time with friends and precious time together as a family. During all this family time I have noticed some bad habits from all of us. In our tiny little one bedroom casita I can see and hear EVERYTHING! There is no where to go but where we are. I can not send children away when they are being naughty or hide in a quiet corner of the house to myself to get away. We deal with unkind words, arguments, and boredom as they arise, and then stop them in their tracks before we disturb every living thing around us (including the animals) :) I am hoping to replace some of these bad habits with some good habits....They say you can do that in a month...and luckily that is exactly what we have.

I have a slideshow and pics I'll upload as soon as I get some consistent wifi!

Love to you all!


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