Conversations with Kellen

I was in my car last week with Kellen and Crew. I was running like mad to finish up some final details on some design projects I'm working on. Kellen is at an age when he talks ALL of the time. He proceeds to tell me that he will be having Grandma Hart make his next halloween costume. He went into a 20 minute detailed description of what the costume would look like. I was in and out of paying attention. He finally said, "Mom, LISTEN!" I felt badly and said, "What did you just say honey?" He proceeded with the final details of the costume...."Mom it will be glow in the dark. You see you need more darkness to see the light." I was stunned with this profound statement that came from his mouth so effortlessly. Of coarse you need darkness to see the light in this context. I said to him, "Did your little brain think that up all by yourself?" He said, "Ya, Mom....that's da kinda stuff I sink about."

I paused. I felt a tear well up in my eyes. What a wise statement to make at such a young age. It seems to me children come to earth unmuddled, un-stuck, and full of light. How wise to know that we need contrast of such light in our lives. One of my favotite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt states "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

That was a good reminder to me that we have a choice to light the darkness of life with our light. It made me wonder in that moment if my light had been dimmed, and worse....with my permission. How irresponsible to allow the crazy stress and total merciless to-do lists to dim my light. I also had certainly forgotten to notice and celebrate how profoundly light my children are.

Plato said, "We can easily forgive a child for being afraid of the dark; the real tragedy is when men are afraid of light" We most certainly would have a different world if we all collectively radiated what we all have within us naturally. LIGHT!


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